Working together

Each year we support the Marie Curie charity by providing them with a base for their Stokesley collection day – All the volunteers call in to our offices to collect their tins/tabards and daffodils.

This year the collection took place on Friday 23rd March – a total of £650 was raised



This is one of the Marie Curie volunteers – Ann

Why I Volunteer ……

Why I Volunteer –

by George a Respite Sitter with The Community Care Association.

  So why am I a volunteer with CCA. Well, I like to think that in helping those who need some free time, then the promise of a sitter for a few hours each week is a great help. I enjoy sitting as I really like meeting new people. You never quite know what you are getting into, and people’s history and backgrounds can be fascinating. It can be a surprise to both the sitter and the person with whom you are sitting that you have common ground.

I like to sit as I find it a rewarding experience, as it provides assistance to the relative who is a carer on a full time basis. I find it makes the day of all concerned. The carer gets a break; the person being cared for has a change of face; and it makes me appreciate what I have in my life.


Volunteering with the Samaritans



INFORMATION EVENTS BEING HELD 7PM TUESDAY NOVEMBER 22nd and 29th at Samaritans, Northallerton and The Dales Branch, 7 Crosby Road, (Just behind the Old Prison) Northallerton. DL6 1AA. Access is via the back door in Crosby Road Car Park.


Could you touch another persons life when it really matters? Either by discussing their feelings with them directly by phone, email, text, letter or even face to face? Or perhaps you could support our branch by helping with the Administration, Publicity, Fund Raising or Cleaning etc.


Our Confidential, 24hr listening service responds to 5 million contacts a year. We also reach out to our local community by visiting schools, colleges, universities, prisons and workplaces.  With so much happening we’re constantly looking for new people to strengthen our teams.


We usually ask volunteers to give 3 to 4 hours a week, including some overnight time. Out of pocket expenses will be paid to volunteers.


Please do come along to one of our Information events lasting 60 to 90 minutes.


Or request an Information pack and look forward to what many of our volunteers describe as one of the most rewarding things they have ever done contact:-

Deputy Director for Recruitment & Selection
Northallerton & The Dales Samaritans
Telephone: 07738 087849


Or contact


A Blog by one of our student volunteers ….

I have been a volunteer for Chairaerobics for about a year now. Chairaerobics is a gentle exercise class which accommodates people with a variety of conditions or the elderly community.
The exercise within the class is gentle therefore many people have the ability to carry out the majority of the moves. However, although being gentle the exercises are extremely affective and can be extremely helpful with a range of conditions such as arthritis. The music ranges from upbeat to calm and relaxing. Jan; the leader of the class knows exactly what she is doing as she was previously a PE teacher therefore has knowledge on the specific muscles and what each particular exercise is targeting.
I began volunteering in order to contribute towards my local community, I had heard of Stokesley Community Care volunteer programme through other volunteers within my sixth form (Stokesley). I find it amazing just how rewarding these classes are for not only the members of the class but immensely and unexpectedly so for me as a volunteer. I thoroughly enjoy each session and have had the chance to communicate and build what I would call friendships with each member of the class along with its incredible teacher, Jan. I look forward to each session as it gives me a chance to communicate with people who without this volunteering, I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Another enormously rewarding factor is physically being able to see how much each and every member of Chairaerobics enjoys the class. I can honestly say it is amazing how much difference one hour a week makes; everyone is friendly and extremely welcoming to any newcomers.
The class is held each Thursday morning for an hour from 10:30am in Stokesley Town Hall. Any new members/volunteers looking to join our Chairaerobics family would be very welcome.

Volunteering for Young People

Volunteering for young people

 What is volunteering?

Volunteering is where you spend time doing something that aims to benefit groups or individuals.

When can I volunteer?

You can volunteer whenever you want – morning, afternoon or evenings depending on what works best for you.

You can also volunteer as little or as much as you like.

Why should I volunteer?

Benefiting the community that you live in is a great reason to volunteer.  However, volunteering can also benefit you!

How can volunteering help me?

Well, where do we start?! Volunteering can help you:

¨        Share your skills

¨        Learn new skills

¨        Improve/build up your CV

¨        Meet new people

¨        Improve your self confidence

¨        Improve your community

¨        Test a career

¨        Make good use of your free time

 What type of volunteering can I do?

We have hundreds of opportunities and will aim to find you something that relates to a career choice or hobby.

Some of our most popular volunteer areas are:

¨        Computers, Social- Media/websites

¨        Helping the elderly

¨        Retail

¨        Helping people with a disability

Volunteers Week 2016

THANK YOU Trustees May 2016


To celebrate Volunteers Week 2016 we asked our board of Trustees to Say a big ‘Thank You!’

Thank you

‘ There is no time like the present and no present like time’

So, thank you for your time 

from the clients you help and

From us at The Community Care Association 




Warm & Well Campaign

CCA is involved in ‘Warm and Well in North Yorkshire’ – an initiative led by Rural Action Yorkshire. It is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust (BGET).

This has involved Phil giving talks on keeping warm and well in winter to a small number of local groups, including our own Lunch Club. The idea being to inform people about the best ways to stay warm and safe during the winter months.

CCA Craft Club also did their bit for the Warm and Well initiative by making a total of 17 Draught excluders (One of many projects linked to Warm and Well) – all of which have been handed over to Northallerton Voluntary Service for distribution.


Craft Club made an amazing 17 draught excluders for people in need.

Craft Club made an amazing 17 draught excluders                      for people in need.

Lunch Club Clients finding out about the campaign

Lunch Club Clients finding out about the                                          campaign

Tour de Yorkshire 2016 – Tour Makers

Welcome to Yorkshire is working with regional police forces to look for a passionate and reliable team of volunteers.

Being a Tour Maker offers a fantastic opportunity to be part of the race and be the welcoming face of Yorkshire for spectators.

Anyone interested in becoming a Tour Maker for the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire can complete a short online surveyOpens new window. Volunteers will need to attend a police-led training session and be available on race weekend (Friday 29 April, Saturday 30 April and Sunday 1 May).

The 2016 Tour de Yorkshire marks the third return for Tour Makers, following the Tour de France in 2014 and the Tour de Yorkshire in 2015.

Christmas 2015 Fundraising Event


On Friday 18th December, the CCA is once again hiring the Town hall (main downstairs room)

from 9am to 3pm

As well as our usual refreshments we are having a Tombola and Cake Stall to help significantly increase our fundraising potential.

As last year,  Barclays Bank are giving us “match funding” for anything we raise on the day (up to a maximum of £1000)

We are asking Volunteers to help cover the Tombola and Cake Stall.  We are also asking people to bake cakes and if you have anything suitable for Tombola prizes we will be grateful…..drop them into the office any time.

We are also intending to hire the smaller downstairs room for the morning session, with the opportunity for you to buy all your last minute gifts for Christmas.

We hope you will be able to support this event either as a Volunteer or just as importantly to spend some of your money…’s for a good cause !

Thank you