New Do-it Site


A new Do-it site is launching at the end of September 2014 as ivo took over the management of the site in December 2013.

Instead of the Volunteer Centre uploading your opportunities to Do-it, all opportunities and applications will be handled through the new cloud-based system.

What do you need to do?

* Any existing opportunities that are registered on our system will be transferred to the new site. Contact us if you are not sure which opportunities we advertise for you at present or if you want to ensure all your details are up to date.

* It will be possible, with the new site, to manage the information for your organisation yourself. Let us know if you would prefer to do this so that we can set it up for you after the new system goes live. This opportunity will be available to you in the future and so no decision is necessary now.

* Start taking photos! The new site will make a lot more use of imagery to bring opportunities alive and encourage applications.

You can access more useful information from a Frequently Asked Questions site.  IVO Visit:

Should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.