What we do

Volunteer Centres – the one stop shop for volunteering

Volunteer Centres provide a wide range of services for both volunteers and volunteer involving organisations and here are just some of the many services offered.

For volunteers we can offer a range of exciting and varied volunteering opportunities in your local area with advice and information to help you choose the one most suitable for you.  Our current opportunities are displayed on the Do-it website.  If you would prefer to see the opportunities listed by type of activity and organisation, please download our 

New Volunteering Booklet

For volunteer involving organisations we can freely advertise volunteering opportunities online and in our local area along with providing information, advice and support on good practice.

  • Market volunteering – We regularly promote volunteering
  • Good Practice development – Volunteer Centres hold resource libraries and have information on good practice
  • Developing volunteering opportunities – Volunteer Centres work in close partnership with statutory, voluntary and private sector agencies as well as community and faith groups to develop local volunteering opportunities
  • Policy response and campaigning – Volunteer Centres identify proposals on legislation that may impact on volunteering and campaign pro actively
  • Strategic development of volunteering – As the local experts on volunteering, Volunteer Centres inform strategic thinking and planning at regional and national level