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Why I Volunteer ……

Why I Volunteer –

by George a Respite Sitter with The Community Care Association.

  So why am I a volunteer with CCA. Well, I like to think that in helping those who need some free time, then the promise of a sitter for a few hours each week is a great help. I enjoy sitting as I really like meeting new people. You never quite know what you are getting into, and people’s history and backgrounds can be fascinating. It can be a surprise to both the sitter and the person with whom you are sitting that you have common ground.

I like to sit as I find it a rewarding experience, as it provides assistance to the relative who is a carer on a full time basis. I find it makes the day of all concerned. The carer gets a break; the person being cared for has a change of face; and it makes me appreciate what I have in my life.


Volunteering for Young People

Volunteering for young people

 What is volunteering?

Volunteering is where you spend time doing something that aims to benefit groups or individuals.

When can I volunteer?

You can volunteer whenever you want – morning, afternoon or evenings depending on what works best for you.

You can also volunteer as little or as much as you like.

Why should I volunteer?

Benefiting the community that you live in is a great reason to volunteer.  However, volunteering can also benefit you!

How can volunteering help me?

Well, where do we start?! Volunteering can help you:

¨        Share your skills

¨        Learn new skills

¨        Improve/build up your CV

¨        Meet new people

¨        Improve your self confidence

¨        Improve your community

¨        Test a career

¨        Make good use of your free time

 What type of volunteering can I do?

We have hundreds of opportunities and will aim to find you something that relates to a career choice or hobby.

Some of our most popular volunteer areas are:

¨        Computers, Social- Media/websites

¨        Helping the elderly

¨        Retail

¨        Helping people with a disability

Poems by David Smith

David Smith is a local poet, he was kind enough to recite some of his poems at our Volunteers Christmas Lunch – it was extremely well received.  His latest book – The Stencil House – is now out in paperback and ebook.

Available from bookstores and online at,  amazon,  ibooks, 

kobo and nook.

Visit David’s web page 



AGM Wednesday 15th June 2016

We are holding our AGM at 7.30pm Wednesday 15th June 2016 at our rooms in Town Close, North Road, Stokesley.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Volunteers, friends and anyone who is interested in the work of the CCA are welcome.

Vote For Us

Help us to win £300 in a monthly draw by voting for us – see below for link…



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Galaxy give away £300 in January and february to good causes – please use the link to put in a vote for us.


CCA Team

Christmas Fundraising Activites

Christmas Fundraising Activities


A Massive ‘Thank You’ to everybody who helped us with our Christmas Fundraising Activities.

We are delighted to tell you that we Raised a fantastic Total of  £1024.04.

As you may be aware Barclays Bank are going to ‘Match Fund’ up to £1000 and so this brings our Grand Total up to £2024.04.

 We could not have done this without all the help on the day and the donations of cakes and tombola prizes and so …..   

Thank You


                                                                                          From the CCA Team 








Remember Remember the 18th December!

Don’t forget to call into Stokesley Town Hall on Friday 18th December to help us with our biggest Fundraiser of the year.


All Day Fundraiser

From 9am – 3pm

Tea, Coffee & Mince Pies

Plus a Tombola & Cake Stall

Why not try and win our delicious home-made Christmas Cake by guessing the weight?

Or buying your last minute Christmas Gifts from the Community Care Craft Stall or the FairTrade Stall.


We look forward to seeing you there!



Can you Help?

We are busy thinking about our Fundraiser Event on 18th December at the Town Hall……

Can you help us by donating a tombola prize or baking a cake or some small cakes for the cake stall?

We really appreciate any help you can give us

Thank You!


Olivia’s blog – Perfect your dancing down to a tea

If you head down to the Great Ayton Town Hall on a Thursday afternoon, you’ll find a great party going on. It’s a huge ruckus of stomping feet, sensational rhythms, ringing laughter, and you’re invited. With the catchy tunes echoing around the building and the enthusiasm of all the participants, you’re guaranteed to be getting on your dancing shoes gliding across the floor with them in no time.

For those of you who aren’t sure what a tea dance is, they originate from afternoon dances that were held at English countryside garden parties in the 1880s. However, as time has moved on, the dances have started to draw upon different styles as the eras have gone by, such as the Charleston from the 1920s. They are all sequence dances, meaning they are a series of repeated patterns which pull moves from different styles, to create an amazing, flowing dance routine which are still recognised to this day.

tea dance stokesley community care

To help guide you through these dances are a wonderful husband and wife duo, with a huge love for dancing and oodles of patience when it comes to helping people. They announce the name of the dance, before taking to the boards, sweeping the floor with their fancy footwork and graceful movements. Couples are encouraged to join in, along with people who aren’t that sure of the dance. But learning the moves is simply a matter of jumping out of your seat, copying the instructors and remembering. However, if there are dances you’d particularly like to do in the next session, clients are able to put in requests.

It’s a very informal activity, with many people there “to dance and to have a laugh,” and to meet up with their friends. This makes it such a social session, with people chattering away during dances and over the tea and biscuit break. Many clients attend each week, building up there dancing repertoire, but new faces are very warmly welcomed! Not only is the tea dance a social affair, it’s also a really great way to keep in shape. One instructor said “it’s a little bit of fun really, but it’s exercise without being exercise.” You end up having too much fun, twirling and swaying away, that the dancing just doesn’t feel like exercise anymore!

This really is a very friendly and invigorating activity, and people of all abilities are welcome. It’s held in the Great Ayton Town Hall on the high street, from 1:30pm-3:30pm, every other Thursday. Each session costs £2, and you are provided with tea and biscuits in the break. For any further information, give Phil Henderson a call on 01642 710085.